"She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain." {Louisa May Alcott}

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sensual Sea

Low Tide - April Lindner

More tease than strip, the surf slips back
and though the show runs twice a day
we're fascinated by the slow
disrobing. Shallows webbed with gold
ripple, then draw back to expose
crinkles tender as the lines a bedsheet
etches on skin. Our hands itch
for all they might gather, periwinkles clustered
on wet underledges, the rich nether tangle
of rockweed and knotted wrack.
What's left veiled undulates somewhere,
barracuda, moray, hammerhead,
caressed by the same waves that lap our ankles.
At nightfall, the tide unfurls,
black and glistening, tipped with moon,
to gather all its secrets up in silk.

*for some reason, this poem really moves me. it's enchanting how she describes the sea.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fun Fact Friday?? one day late...

I figured I'd write a random, little about me... and since all of my blog posts have been random (and sporadic) I figured, why stop now?

1. I think I am obsessed with chapstick, I buy a new one every couple weeks. But none have yet to rival Maui Mikes, and I can't find those anywhere!

2. I live in the past too much, I mean when you think about being an ancient Egyptian or what it would be like to have grown up in the 50's or even how great some of the times I had in high school were, at least once a day, something's wrong here.

3. I can't make up my mind on whether or not I'm a small town girl, or the big city type. Maybe I need to find a happy medium?

4. I have to consciously remember that people I meet don't know me, or my personality, or my little flaws, so I have to try extra hard to reach out to them... and text them back! Which leads me to...

5. I am absolutely terrible at texting: remembering to text people back, texting them back within a decent time frame, being charming/cute/nice/etc. through text, and relaying what I really mean. I am also preeetty bad at calling people as well. :/

6. I absolutely love LOVE to read. I would much rather read than do just about anything else. My gramma and I read all the time together.

7. I am not an emotional person. I don't cry in front of people, and rarely cry anyways. But I AM always laughing.

8. I love Tech N9ne and Andre Nickatina, which some think is a little weird because those are kind of hard core rap.

9. I am a complete Harry Potter nerd. November 19th, midnight premier, here I come! I've read all of the books at least a dozen times.

10. uhh... I'm running out of fun facts so, my right headlight is out. and I haven't had time to fix it, or take it in and have some cute auto shop boy help me out. :)

I hope you enjoyed some random information about me, I felt like I just needed to get it out there! ...even if no one is reading this, I feel better knowing that maybe stating this about me will help me kind of find myself. Does that make sense? Oh well, ta ta for now.