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Monday, March 1, 2010

Stylista... er not.

I HATE shopping. Without a doubt, beyond all imagining, loathe, despise, detest it. But, I do love getting new clothes. Contradictory you say? Well yes, yes it is. Story of my life, I am consistently inconsistent. I go shopping because (like every other girl in the world) I want/need new clothes, but when I get to the mall I turn into a complete zombie. I get the clunk. What is that you ask? Its when your feet just drag because they are resisting the action of walking but your legs are like, "c'mon come on, you can do this feet!" but they really can't because your feet know that you truly don't want to be at the god damn mall in the first place. This is why I need a personal shopper. "Here are outfits I like, my sizes, my personal preferences, my credit card. GO." Then maybe she/gay he would come back with some fashionable clothes, instead of the jeans and t-shirts I inevitably end up buying (that's all I own!) because I have no actual style at all, except jeans and tees. Oh and sneakers, I love my sneakers. I love heels, don't get me wrong, I would wear heels every day if I could, not that I can't but my style has always been jeans and vans, so I would have to update my entire wardrobe and then I would kind of feel out of place (and just plain silly) at school. Therefore, the sneakers stay - at least  until I get a professional job and then it will be all style and heels.

P.S. These are chocolate shoes. Delish. Gayle's Chocolates

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