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Monday, February 1, 2010

January in Review

Hey guys, well my January was certainly an uneventful one. To say the least! My grandparents have more of a social life than I do, excepting that I hang out with them very consistently. I absolutely failed in my New Year's resolution, but I have just postponed it to being a February resolution. Haha! Since someone told me that its what you eat more that how much you work out that determines your weight (etc), then I resolve to just eat better and not stuff myself to the max! Mind you, I'm by no means fat but I'm worried that if I don't change my lifestyle then it will catch up to me eventually. AND the other day I read that if you consistently eat a low cal diet then you'll live longer! So less food here I come... kicking and screaming if necessary.

Is it just me, or does everyone have these revelations after they are full and content? It seems like when I go to bed I have such good resolve to be healthy and diet and once morning comes around... well you get the picture.

Wish me luck! (Valentines chocolates will be excepted)

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