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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shocked and Appalled

Has anyone ever heard of the website TheDirty.com?
I first heard of it in a magazine article a couple of weeks ago. This article was about a high school girl who committed suicide because of being bullied online and viciously slandered on this website.
I was flabbergasted and kept thinking how lucky I am to never have had anything like that happen to me or any of my friends. In fact, I couldn't even picture anything like that even happening around me, just in rare cases like this poor girl's...
But tonight I just found out that one of my best friends B. was put on this site by some girls she had altercations with. B says she doesn't set any store by it and laughs it off because what was written about her was ridiculous. Any other person who isn't as strong as her would probably be seriously hurt; I am seriously hurt and offended for her. 

I really wish that there was some way to stop websites like this. I keep thinking of how many people it affects and the reputations that get ruined.  
Anyone can see it: future employers, boyfriends, parents, etc. It's absolutely sick how many people put up pictures of others and just verbally abuse them, the stuff they say is awful.
They would never ever say anything like it to their faces and get courage from being anonymous. Then others just feed off it and become cruel and sadistic. I want to start/join a campaign against these websites, I'm just trying to figure out what & how.
Any suggestions? 

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