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Friday, February 5, 2010

Technologically Retarded

I have officially decided that I  am definitely not of the same caliber as most of the veteran bloggers. First off, I am technologically challenged and just finally altered my blog background/features/etc. (It was a sample template forever.)
Second of all, I just don't posses that charm and/or wit that many of the "successful" bloggers seem to channel. That being said... I shall continue to blog and maybe hone my skills, or just portray my lack thereof! THAT being said, I have some good news and some, well, not so good news. 
Good news first. I might just possibly be going to Italy! My cousin's family hosts foreign exchange students and they became close to one in particular... very cute may I add. Well he went back to Italy and contacted my cousin about a week ago, asking if she could come to Rome for the summer and tutor his little sisters in English. My cousin said only if I could come too because she is too afraid to travel alone! 
Bad news: He said he'd ask his mom, as we'd be staying with her, and he has yet to write us back. Let me tell you, it is absolute agony to have to wait for his reply. It's been a week!
I hope I find out soon, I've already been planning...

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